Apr 29, 2009

transport group show

first color And figuring out the regestration.

Killer Kellen, 2nd color! No big deal! strong forearms!

3rd color is printed with our names and the location.

Yesterday, kellen, Jim and I, hit up the Halo Halo studio @ 401 Richmond to print the poster for our up coming show. the poster will be put up in a few places in the city but the majority of them will be available for sale at the show. Keepsix gallery is the space we are showing at and it is located at 938 Bathurst just north of bloor. The opening reception will be happening on May 15 and run for two weeks. The entire show is built around the theme of transportation and has all new never been seen work by the three of us. All are welcome to join us for some refreshments on the 15th if you dare!  
A big huge thanks to Jeff Garcia and Jan Avendano for helping us out! you guys are my favorite!


  1. YEAH! can't wait, i'll bring all my money's....