Jul 23, 2009


I just Finished this graphic for a friend that rides for Sattelyte wakeskates. I hope he likes it, was a lot of fun to do. Im a big fan of native stuff so i jumped at the chance to play with the imagery.

Jul 17, 2009

Back from New York

I just got back form New york where our primary objective was to promote ourselves in a creative way to a few specific design agencies. I wasn't able to post any of the preliminary work for my promotion so I figured its better late than never.
Mike Perry was super sweet to us. He was stoked on our promotion so we traded with some of his amazing work! Definitely a high light of the promo tour!
The Boys and I, had an amazing time in the big apple. We got to meet some amazing people and see some amazing sights! It was a good time all around! A big thanks to Tom Slaughter for showing us around, and also a big thanks to the Mezei crew for providing transport and shelter, sorry bout the mirror!

New York Promo

I had to finish screen printing the cover in one night so that I could drop them off at the printers to be chopped and stapled.
This is the last page of the book with a simple drawing and the address of my web page.
This is the second last page which has my c.v. and a business card placed into the page.
This is one of the internal pages
Each book was numbered on the back. The edition was out of 30.

New York Promo (Cover design)

I designed and printed a calender book for my promotion but I wanted to screen the covers, which turned out to be a bigger endeavor than I originally thought.
Although it was a bit more work than I bargained for I was pleased with the way the covers turned out.

Jul 1, 2009

card crazy

Today is my fathers birthday, he total upstages Canada day every year. I made him this card for his birthday to celebrate nature and the great canadian wilderness!