Feb 26, 2009


The other evening I met up with a good friend that suggested to add this to my blog.  It shall be done!

Feb 12, 2009

the street

heres what this proud pegs look like in the great out doors!

Feb 10, 2009


did this back in the day. Oldie but a goodie! 

Feb 9, 2009


this was done around halloween 08 just after i got back from NY. It got shown at the gallery that sponsored the trip with a few other sketches I did in the apple

Feb 5, 2009


 I've been cleaning out my hard drive and checking out some old work. I had a hard time getting my name on this work for some reason and I found a screen shot I took after they included my name thanks to the Swav. He was the one responsible for making me grow a spine and hooking it all up. the other images are the roughs I submitted before I painted up the actual console. 

Feb 4, 2009

the street

So a long while back i stumbled upon some cut up 1"X1" segments in my favorite dumpster. I thought they looked cool so i painted them up in various colors not really knowing what else to do with them. I was also fortunate enough to have a bit of help form "smelly kelly", and jak with some of the peg designs. After these things cluttered up my humble home "studio" i decided to share them with the world, or at least queen west. let me know if you find them?

Feb 2, 2009

snowboard graphic assignment

This piece was for my 3rd year core illustration class. the idea was to design a snowboard graphic about the 4 elements Earth, wind, water, and fire. I wanted to draw long rat creatures so this is what I came up with for the earth element.