Nov 22, 2010

Communication Arts post

Getting some love on the old inter web! here is the complete link

Nov 18, 2010


It isn't very often that an illustrator gets an opportunity to work on wall size images, but it is a lot of fun. This is a shot of my section of the massive wall mural on exhibit at Xspace gallery.
over the course of the month the 9 artists involved will be altering and adding to each others section to create one huge continuous, collaborative mural.
Sean Lewis and I have already started the collaborative process by adding a character to his section of the mural.

These are just a few details but I definitely recommend taking a closer look at all the amazing work.

The show will be on exhibit, until DEC 11 followed by an awesome closing reception and after party at the White House.
Don't hesitate, This work will be gone forever in a few weeks, never to return! Over Dramatic but oh well!

Nov 7, 2010

new stuff

New piece for a self promo project!

Nov 1, 2010


It's been a while since my last post but I haven't forgotten. This image is a promotional image for an upcoming group show at Xspace. There are 10 artists in total and our objective is to transform the walls of Xspace into a 360 degree panoramic view of some kind of continuous parade/procession. This show is going to be incredible so check it out if you can on Nov 11.