Apr 22, 2010

American Illustration 29

I recently found out that I just got 2 pieces selected, to be published in American Illustration #29. Last year I had one of my thesis pieces published and went to the big NY party, Last November. The book is amazing and I urge anyone to take a look at the awesome work that this publication releases annually.

SKINNY DIP,Typeface dessign

Over The Last couple weeks I designed This Typeface. Its called Skinny Dip and is a style of lettering that I have been wanting to do for Quite some time. I designed 3 weights and the one above is the skinny version of the face.
This is the Regular weight face that I designed and based the skinny, and the bold on.
Here is The Bold version with filled counters and parallel lines. Some Characters are more successful than others and it still needs some work but I am pleased with the results and hope to use this face in some future designs.

Skinny Dip, Promo Video

I made this Video for as a promotion for a typeface I designed. It was made using photoshop and imovie. The Song is by an awesome band called Campfires.

Apr 20, 2010


Spontaneous Late night chalk drawing @ OCAD. I had some time to kill And found A big hunk of chalk so I went with it. This piece is specifically, kinda about my experience at OCAD. A cryptic cheat sheet for undergrads if you will.

Apr 15, 2010

Some New Stuff

This is the piece That I painted for the One 2 Many collaborative piece. Jimmy and I did a sweet resin pour , which I thought turned out really well. This is the first time I played with this clear resin stuff and I am pleased with the results although the fumes were a little stinky!
Setting up the colab piece for the Steam Whistle show!
Jimmy! Steering da boat!

Apr 10, 2010

Show Time!

In the last Couple weeks Our apartment transformed into a massive studio set up with our own resin station, AKA the living room.
Jimmy doing his thing. 1 part this, 1 part that. No big deal!
Massive resin pour.
One 2 many, Group show-here we come!
Ryan Lake came by to paint some stumps one night but he was all tuckered out and couldn't resist the charms of my futon.


Easter! Went to visit my Parents and my mom drew this little jem for my nephew. soo rad! She knows whats up but doesn't even know it!
Jimmy and I also got a chance to do some late night scavenging to scoop some stumps for our upcoming show!

Creative Type II, window installation!

Here are a few picks of the Window Installation after Steve and I got it Fixed to the brick window frame. Wasn't the easiest installation but I think it still pretty cool. The opening reception was jam packed and really exciting. Thanks to every one that helped me out with this little window project.
In side View!
The out side view @ 52 mcCaul.

Creative Type II, window installation! in progress

Here are a few picks of the window installation that I did for Creative Type II. I assembled it all at OCAD, late one light. Tied crazy knots and cut all kinds of crazy string.
Although the work was tedious, It was nice to do work in the presence of such a beautiful mural, painted by my pal Daniel Downey.

lots o knots!

A little rickety but finished! Now to install!