Jan 26, 2009


I know this piece is an oldie but i still like it and think it should exist some place other than my living room. 

Jan 25, 2009


lately I've been working on some ideas outside of thesis. just fun stuff that isn't too meaningful or thought provoking. I just wanna try to make nice looking pictures. Here is one of my first tree compositions I've been working on. 


Here are a few more thesis illustrations that i have been working on over the last few week. more to come in the near future.

Jan 20, 2009


Thesis is in full effect. I'm getting a few pieces, scanned and cleaned up for a few illustration competitions that are happening with in the month.

Jan 19, 2009


I previously posted some art work I created for an album called EPdemic by Illscarlett. After the album was released one of the characters I drew was made into a 3-D puppet for a music video. I'm not sure who built the puppet but I think they did a pretty sweet job. 

Jan 18, 2009

more cards

Justin's b day card.  
never forget! 

Jan 13, 2009


So here is a piece of work I did way back in the day for a friends band. This piece opened a few door for me and although I kind of hate it now, I have to admit that it was a really positive experience. I thought I was going to be pigeon holed to this kind of character based, "street arty" look. I tried to steer away from this kind of stuff later on in life but it is still an influence. 

Jan 12, 2009


I was commissioned by my friends parents to paint some kind of bike related image, as a gift. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out, and I had a blast doing it. Anyone that knows me, knows that cycling is a huge passion in my life. Chances are if I'm not painting, I'm on my bike booting around.
Thanks to the Thorpe's generosity I was able to combine my two passions. 
Each  wood panel measures 22X24 inches, and is comprised of  multiple mediums such as Acrylic, spraypaint, ink, and a bit of collage.  

Jan 10, 2009

sticker heads

For a while now I've been walking around my neigbourhood  throwing up stickers of a pyramid head Character that was created in one of my illustrations last year. I got together with a few other peeps from school and bought some cheap computer sticker paper and i've been having a blast giving these "fearamids" homes around the city. 
more images to come in the near future!


Here is a book  cover I designed for a  third year class project. I drew out the image and then scanned & mirrored the image digitally. I had to mirror the image because i used gel medium to transfer the printout on to canvas. To finish it of I added a bit of acrylic pant to color selected areas. The process was fun to do but took a bit of planning.

Jan 4, 2009

card crazy

more cards for some buddies......

holiday season

Lately I've been interested in floral shapes and composing more intricate arrangements. I studied a few of Alfons Mucha prints and tried to reference his floral shapes but he was super amazing.  This piece i did was eventually cut into four pieces and  given to my GF's family for Christmas.
Its made of India ink and gouache, on water color paper.  


Welcome to Adrian Forrow's blog spot, I thought it was about time i got my self one of these blog things while my web page is under construction. in the future i'll be posting sketchbook stuff as well as things from my portfolio.