Jun 16, 2010


After work this Wednesday I jumped on my bike and rode up to queens park for the Friends With You, Installation.
I've loved the work of these Miami based artists for a very long time, So I was very pleased to finally see there amazing work in person.
Their work is also on Display at Narwhal gallery and it is worth checking out. There are also a few more installations by FWY, peppered around Toronto which I hope to search out in the next few days. Soooo good!

Old Doodles

My Buddy Sean Lewis, Is probably one of the most talented artist I Know. His work is always a lot of fun to look at. So when asked to collab with him in a moleskin, I jumped at the chance. We past the hours of a boring liberal studies class by shoving this book around.
These are just two of many that were shared. The others are split among us on various scraps of paper.
I'm sure later in life I'll open an old text book and come across these random doodles shoved in between the pages, and chuckle.

Jun 9, 2010

Eye weekly Illustrations

So last week I was asked to illustrate the possible cover for this weeks(June 10) eye weekly. I was super excited at the opportunity and jumped at the chance to grace the pages of this awesome Toronto publication. The would be cover (above) Is for a band called Pavement, whom I've been a fan of since I was a wee pup. So the commission was a dream job basically and I got a lot of freedom to do what I wanted for the cover. The only down side is that there was no guarantee that it would be the cover image.
As of now I haven't actually seen the cover but I was told that my cover images was not selected:( but I am told that it did make it into the main article for the band:)
I was also asked to make a few spot illustrations to be used with the article and this is what I came up with.
The art director liked the type treatment I made for my web and blog page so worked with those forms and added elements that are reoccurring in the cover art as well as my somewhat signature adornment.
Like I said I haven't seen the paper yet but I believe the type made it to the cover sans the elements and decoration. I can't wait to see the paper and I hope that some people get to check it out.

Jun 2, 2010

been a while!

It been a while since my last post. I wanted to take a little break after the hectic grad show stuff. Thanks to everyone that made it in to TCAF a while back. It was my first one and I was pleasantly surprised at the talent represented at the convention.
As for now I've got a few exciting projects on the go but its a little too early to release the new stuff.
Rest assured that I'm keeping busy and still making stuff!
thanks for checking in.