Mar 21, 2010

Creative Type II

Well the Creative Type show, last thursday was a big hit and tons of fun. The event got written up in the National Post. The spread looked great and was nice to see some of the work in print. The image above was my contribution to the show, but you should really check out 52 mcCaul to take in all the amazing work while you can. The show runs until march 28. I was also lucky enough to be asked to do a window instillation for the show, which I will take some shots of and post. The show also made it on to Blog T.o., where your truly as well as a few others got a shout out. They spelt my name wrong but then again who doesn't!

Mar 12, 2010

Laser Cut! what! what!

It's not very often that I get to dabble with high tech stuff. So I was petty stoked when I got to harness the powers of a cutting laser to assist me in creating a window installation for the creative type show @ 52 Mcaul this Thursday, march 18. I was a proud papa, walkin through the halls at school with these babies. The smell of burning, Baltic birch filled the OCAD 6th floor, open studio. This is gonna be fun!

Mar 7, 2010

Field NOTES, Work!

The Field Notes group show has come to an end, So I thought it would be a good idea to show some of my work from it. All this work is still up for grabs so if your keen on something, drop me an email.

This ones titled, "In Lou of a Bow". Graphite on toned Canson paper. (approx 9"x18")
This one is one of my personal faves! titled, "Twenty Ten, Touring, Tall bike, Tiger". Graphite on toned Canson. (approx 22"x28")
The details are hard to see but it's a charmer! Titled "First Touch". Made of gouache, ink and a bit of graphite all on vintage calligraphy paper. (approx 10"x15")
This Last piece was the first that I made for the show and I think it is still one of my faves. The title is "Contact", made of gouache, ink, and graphite all on water color paper. (approx 22"X28")

All of these pieces are framed and ready to roll! Hope you enjoy this new stuff and thanks to everyone who made it out. It was an amazing night.