Jul 17, 2009

Back from New York

I just got back form New york where our primary objective was to promote ourselves in a creative way to a few specific design agencies. I wasn't able to post any of the preliminary work for my promotion so I figured its better late than never.
Mike Perry was super sweet to us. He was stoked on our promotion so we traded with some of his amazing work! Definitely a high light of the promo tour!
The Boys and I, had an amazing time in the big apple. We got to meet some amazing people and see some amazing sights! It was a good time all around! A big thanks to Tom Slaughter for showing us around, and also a big thanks to the Mezei crew for providing transport and shelter, sorry bout the mirror!

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  1. Hey hey

    Your promotion stuff looks awesome! It was definitely worth the late night. I've been in search of a good printer and was curious where you got your books printed?