Apr 7, 2009

my desk/life?

I thought I would take this time to display my work space at home. I have always found it fascinating to see where people work and live. I love looking through 3x3 magazine to see photos of popular illustrators, studio spaces. This photo is a bit dated cause I have some newer furniture to house the crap-load of supplies at my place. Anyway hope this is interesting to like minded art patrons.  


  1. oh i am so glad ur artspace has no space for art.(just like mine!) im obsessed with ur stuff. u wanna trade?!

  2. hey, My name is Sasha and I'm in second year illustration at OCAD. I saw your name on the list of selected illustrators for the 3x3 student show and thought I'd check out who was representing our school.Once I came across your blog I recognized your stuff (specifically your mural from the 6th floor)and thought Id follow your blog. I really love your stuff and cant wait to check out your thesis at the grad show.