Dec 3, 2009


I was going through the old hard drive, and found some work that I did For the student gallery show back in Sept. I cleaned up the scans and thought I would post a few before I added them to my web site. Canadiana and fake Canadian folklore were the themes behind these pieces. At the moment things are hectic at school but I have a few projects on the go that I'll post in the near future. enjoy!

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  1. Just posing a question or request for clarification... is it that you are making a comment on the representation of native peoples in Canada as "Canadian folklore"? Or are you paying homage to Canada's roots? Im a bit confused, and because of this im not sure if I find your work extremely interesting and enjoyable because of the perspective, or very uncomfortable because of the perspective. Are you of First Nations ancestry yourself? This would assist my interpretation of your work... Nya:Whe! (Thank you)