Dec 28, 2009

Making an installation!

As you may or may not know, I have been asked to participate in the Toronto Lowbrow show that is happening January 7th @ 52 mcCaul. I Love any opportunity to make 3-D installations so I harvested a massive supply of cardboard and lugged it across the city to my studio/living room to make something specifically for this show.
Cardboard is an amazing material and best of all it's free! I based this installation on imagery from a piece that I made specifically for this show. After a rough drawing and proportion of what I wanted to do, I cut the cardboard into panels. using masking tape, I attached the panels together. At this point you can start to see your drawing come alive, which is motivating cause there is still a lot to do.
Cardboard absorbs paint like crazy so I like to prime it. That way I don't waste my pigment paint. Thanks Jak, for your priming skills!
I also made some spooky clouds to go along with the rest of the installation. They were painted black after they were primed!

After everything got primed I painted the shapes with acrylic paint and at this point they are pretty much ready to go. Here are some nice and tall booted legs for the lowbrow show. If you are curious to see how these legs make their way into the show you'll have to wait until January 7th to see them in person! or just stay tuned until I post some pics in the near future!



  2. whaaaaaaaaaat. everytime I check your blog there is always something amazing going on. will try to make it to the show!

  3. dem legs looked mighty fine. I missed you at the show. I love the new stuff, but Listen to Old People still blows my mind!