Jul 17, 2010

2 wheels, 1 stick of chalk, 1 bf, and a bunch of trail mix

As most people know, I'm really into bikes. I own a few and enjoy riding them as much as possible. Bicycle touring is one of my favorite types of biking because it combines aspects of camping with cycling. Touring allows you to see an area in a very intimate way. It is so different then travelling by car. You earn every km and it is super rewarding.

A couple days ago, one of my best friends and I loaded up the bikes and headed north west to Conestoga. When touring, churches and cemeteries offer a nice place to rest and often a place to fill up water bottles.
I brought along some chalk and tried to draw something every time we stopped.
I used to bring a sketch book with me on a tour but I find it much more exciting to search for cool surfaces to muck around with. Plus sketch books are a lot heavier.

I love stumps!
This guy is one of my favorites!

These trail head markers were awesome pieces to work on.

We road through lots of Amish communities which may have inspired this guy.
Another beautiful place to rest.

Big open roads and a simple way to move along them. touring is awesome.


  1. I love your chalk drawings. Too bad they can't come with you though. I guess that's what the photos are for. Maybe I'll start carrying some chalk on tour...

  2. very nice. i remember the words of a certain Robert M. Pirsig, and his philosophies on travel on a bike, through old and forgotten highways, seeing the road pass by your feet only inches away, and the landscape unframed. There is nothing more freeing, nothing more simple than peddling yourself through a world most don't know exist.

  3. well put! do you have any shots from your epic montreal tour?

  4. you are so so amazing