Jan 12, 2010

The Last couple weeks.....

.....have been hectic! back to school, back to work, tearing down the lowbrow show, and making new work for the upcoming, Field Notes group show. For this show I wanted to do more pencil pieces so I've been going through HBs like crazy..
Jimmy and I built these 3-D letters for the window installation at the Industtrees Gallery.
They are lots of fun...
The Lowbrow show got taken down a day early due to some emergency construction, So this is the only image I have of the final installation.
Thanks to everyone that made it out! There was a great turnout for the opening and it was good to see so many familiar faces,especially around the beginning of a new year! I hope you can all make it out again to the field notes show this Friday... its gonna be a good one!

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