May 21, 2009


A big thanks to everyone that made it out to the Transport opening. we had a blast and felt a lot of love. Here are a few pics of some work that is in the show and if anyone is interested there is still a few pieces for sale as well. let me know if your interested! And if you missed the opening you can still see some stuff at the gallery until may 30th.

"The ocean liner"(sold)
"intergalactic munchies"
"Old knotty"(sold)
"The Bummer"
"Space Cookie"


  1. awwn man, im bumed i wasnt able to see these in person... but i was able to catch your ocad grad show and i just wanted to say that it was awesome. good to know my schools pushing out great talents like you.

  2. great work adrian! so glad to witness this in person and congratulations on your sales!

  3. ugh!! u put me to shame!! amazing. love the ufo

  4. LOVE the skateboard and the ocean liner

  5. i pretty much like "The Bummer"

  6. Good stuff Adrian. Keep up the good work. Like your blog. By far my favourite is The Portage, I wish I had it on my wall.